Get ready to reach your fitness goals. The body-sculpting technology you’ve been waiting for is finally here. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) has taken the fitness world by storm.

And now it’s completely wireless, this revolution is sweeping through the home fitness market too. Whether you are a lifestyle customer just wanting to lose a few pounds, or an athlete looking to improve your performance, AWI has the perfect fit for you.

From our EMS Training Belt to the famous wireless EMS Powersuit, we offer products that suit every fitness goal and pocket.

Get fitter, stronger, healthier – at home – wirelessly!


EMS stimulates muscle contractions the same way your brain does, through electrical impulses, except that it recruits even more muscle fibers, delivering a more efficient workout in less time. In fact, it’s so effective we advise not to overdo it, as just 20 minutes EMS training 2-3 times per week delivers the same benefits as a typical 3 hour work out in the gym.


EMS is not new; it is proven technology. Athletes have trained with it since the 1960s.
But you no longer need wires to be tethered to a power supply. Wireless EMS is controlled by an app on a phone or tablet, giving you complete freedom to move, in or out of the gym.

This is a game changer and has enabled a new generation of professional home use EMS products like the AWI-9 Powersuit which you can use in the comfort and safety of your own home if you are unable or cannot go to a gym for any reason.

All AWI’s EMS products are wireless and the very best quality available. So, whether you are looking for a professional studio system for group training or an effective home use product, where you can train alone or with others virtually via the AWI Powerpass, you can find the right one for you.

EMS suit at work


Get the most out of your fully wireless EMS suit from AWI with the POWERPASS™, your exclusive access to ongoing, online EMS-geared, training with a Certified EMS Trainer. We offer various coaching environments to fit in with your schedule.

Using EMS to build Muscle


Flexibility is in our DNA

The AWI wireless EMS suit has 20 separate electrodes which align with ten major muscle groups, that can all be controlled individually by a dedicated App on your phone, giving you ultimate control and customizability for your unique workout experience. Complete a whole-body workout or target a particular muscle group for optimum results.

Quality is our middle name

Washable, antibacterial and hygienic, the AWI wireless EMS suit is made of top quality spandex and stretchable, non-oxidizing wiring and always returns to its original shape. The Energy Box, containing battery and circuit board – the heart of the system – is made by the same factory that makes the world’s number one smartphone.

The AWI Wireless EMS Suit. Never Compromise.

Relaxing with EMS Suit


Chose from 6 training modes to fit your needs.


When you want results, the AWI wireless EMS suit delivers – on your terms. However, wherever, whenever you want – the power is at your fingertips to break through your training plateaux.

Working out with EMS suit


Our AWI wireless EMS Training suit is revolutionary, wearable technology that helps to safely burn fat, build muscle, and strengthen the immune system. It’s a product whose time has come. You can now achieve all your health and fitness goals from the comfort and safety of your own home.


Increase muscle strength and density more effectively.


Recover more effectively without weight training.


Train muscle groups to get slimmer and more defined.


Increase speed, power, endurance for any sports.


Using the AWI wireless EMS suit 3 times a week consistently for a minimum of 12 weeks, and following sensible eating habits, help our users tone and lose several inches all round. 

I tried different diets and exercise regimes - paleo, keto, vegan, cardio, weights, HIIT etc - yet those last 10-12 lbs weren't shifting. Working as a model and actress I can't afford to be even 5 lbs overweight since the camera makes us look even bigger, right? Then I read about EMS and thought a new approach might magically change my body...and was I pleasantly surprised? Absolutely. Just using the suit for around 12 weeks and doing my normal routine - walking, jogging and eating sensibly - I lost inches all over and 10 lbs of bodyfat. I now wear the suit every other day whether I am exercising or not. I'm hooked.
Liz Miller, 27, Oceanside, CA
EMS Suit before and afters

Your results may vary. This user exercised daily and ate a reduced calorie diet. Their weight loss is not typical. AWI members reported an average weight loss of 1 pound per week. Extreme weight loss can be harmful to your health. Talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise or weight loss program.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you might have questions about our EMS suit, we are here to help. These are some of the most frequent questions. Still can’t find an answer? Drop us a line at [email protected]

If there are no existing health problems, almost anyone can benefit from EMS training – from young to old. However, if you wear a pacemaker or have conditions like cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurological diseases, diabetes, or epilepsy, EMS training is not recommended. It’s also best to avoid workouts when you have been fighting a cold, the flu, a fever, or bacterial infection.

EMS is not recommended when you are pregnant. However, EMS training will be extremely beneficial after giving birth, helping you to recover and get back into your best shape quickly.

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation (or electromyostimulation) technology that builds muscle and burns fat easier and faster than conventional training, using external electrical impulses instead of impulses from the brain to cause muscles to contract. Just 20 minutes of EMS training can deliver the same benefits as 3 hours in a gym as EMS stimulates muscles better than the brain does and recruits more muscle fibers during movements than workouts without EMS.

Yes, it is safe, and no, it is not painful, although at first the electrical stimulation can feel a bit weird, but you soon get used to it. The EMS square-shaped waveform has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective if used in accordance with instructions. The electrical impulses of EMS are similar to those used in TENS machines, which are widely used for pain relief or muscle relaxation. Before EMS, the only option to build muscle was resistance training with heavy weights or other devices carrying the risk of damaging joints and tendons, especially for seniors, who also need to maintain muscle density for health.

EMS uses electrical impulses instead of weights to cause the muscle to contract and create resistance during a workout. This enables an ultra-low impact workout which is also incredibly effective, without the risks associated with heavy weights, so not only is the risk of injury significantly reduced, it makes it suitable for those with limited mobility or who can’t or don’t want to visit a gym.


For any given workout pattern the app timer counts down and automatically switches off after 20 minutes, the recommended period for EMS training for maximum results and safety. You should not workout the same muscle groups more than 2-3 times weekly, with or without EMS. Do not be tempted to overdo it. More is not necessarily better.

Because the electrical pulse penetrates deep into muscle fiber during the workout, an EMS session is extremely efficient. Nearly 100 percent of muscle fiber in nine major muscle groups is activated during an EMS workout, yielding the results of six to eight hours of traditional strength training in just one 15-minute session.

The AWI Powersuit is so effective at working your muscles, experts and doctors recommend you use EMS for no more than 20 minutes just 2-3 times per week.