AWI (Advanced Wearables Inc.) is the EXCLUSIVE North American distributor for the Number One factory worldwide in wearable EMS technology – one of only three manufacturers capable of making such a technically challenging product. The AWI Powersuit is simply the best quality EMS training suit you can buy from any supplier, anywhere. Period.

The AWI Difference

We are committed to only bring the most advanced wearable technology and workmanship to our customers. Second best is not good enough.

We warrants our Powersuit free of defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months under normal use. (Hand or machine wash up to 30 degrees and line dry only – not tumble dry) When you purchase and use the AWI Powersuit, you can be confident in your choice that you are using the state of the art, finest quality technology, materials and workmanship available anywhere today, from any supplier.

Unlike some other EMS suits, our internal wiring and electrodes will NEVER OXIDISE which is why we are confident to say it can be washed after each use.

We guarantee our suits produce only the true EMS ‘square shaped’ wave. Any other shaped wave is not EMS and may even be harmful.

Our Energy Box circuit boards are made by the same factory that makes the world’s most well-known smartphones. Not all brands can claim this.


Co-branding opportunities are available for corporate customers who wish to promote their own brand of revolutionary wireless EMS Powersuit to their existing customer base, subject to a small embroidery fee and minimum order.

Sweaty, unhygienic gyms will become a thing of the past as people will prefer to work smart and work out smart – at home – gaining the benefit of 3 hours gym training in just 20 minutes with advanced EMS.