What are the 3 Different Types of EMS Device?

There are 3 major kinds of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) devices. Small, portable EMS devices have 1-2 electrodes that can be placed upon the muscle group that you want to target. Wired EMS devices in the gym are usually full EMS bodysuits, which allow users to workout under the guidance of a personal trainer. Finally, a fully wireless EMS bodysuit enables users to train with EMS anywhere and anytime.

Is EMS Training Safe?

Due to advances in the technology, EMS and EMS bodysuits have become increasingly popular amongst athletes and the average Joe alike. Additionally, promises of quick and painless workouts have meant that many individuals suffering from pre-existing injuries now have the opportunity of increasing their fitness levels without putting their joints at risk.

Who is EMS the Perfect Gift For?

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?Racking our brains for ideas of what to buy someone as the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, scrolling through pages of uninspiring items on online shopping sites, but seeing absolutely nothing that catches the eye. It’s not a very good feeling, especially when the important day is fast approaching!

Does What You Wear Affect Your Workout?

What you choose to wear during workouts can have a big effect (positive + negative!) on both comfort and mindset. If you feel like a superhero, you can train like a superhero! A wireless EMS bodysuit ticks both boxes. It’s snug fitting to ensure comfort, and the unique design can give your self-confidence a big boost!

What’s the Difference between TENS and EMS?

At first glance, EMS and TENS devices may appear quite similar. Both deliver electrical stimulation through pads attached to your skin, and use this electrical stimulation to help alleviate physical problems or to promote physical wellbeing. But that’s where the similarities end!

Does EMS Really Build Your Abs

EMS builds abdominal strength by giving you an intense workout with precise targeting of your abdominal muscles, plus it activates a high number of your abdominal muscle fibers and reduces the risk of injury. Do you remember the late-night TV ads back in the late 1990s which advertised EMS as the magical way to lose all your belly fat?

Get Stronger Glutes with EMS Training

Shapely buttocks. They’re sought-after. They’re drooled over. They make the front pages of magazines. In fact, we value the perfect behind so much that we’ve even appointed it its own mascot, the peach! But why? What is it about the rear that draws so much attention? And more importantly, how can training with electrical muscle […]

7 Advantages of Training with a Wireless EMS Suit Over The Gym

You’ve heard of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and how it’s one of the fastest growing technologies being used in fitness, and now you want to know the difference between training with EMS and going to the gym. Getting fit with a wireless EMS suit has 7 advantages over training at the gym:


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