Why Elite Athletes Should Use EMS to Speed Up Recovery

Why Elite Athletes Should Use EMS to Speed Up Recovery

Throughout the course of a season, pro-athletes are continuously pushing the limits, and looking to train harder, faster and for longer.
And they want to avoid getting injured and spending weeks in rehab! Enabling your muscles to recover properly is a super important part of any athletes training regimen.

Too Busy To Workout

Too Busy to Workout – Let EMS do the Workout for You!

Whether it’s because of work, travel or family commitments, finding the time to keep fit and workout can be a challenge. With a wireless EMS suit you no longer have this problem! A wireless EMS suit is the perfect, time-saving training tool for busy professionals. It helps working people combine their daily schedule and to build muscle, lose-fat and stay healthy in 5 ways:

The Science Behind EMS

The Science Behind EMS

While the concept of EMS has been around for thousands of years – dating as far back as 500 BC. – it has gained a considerable amount of attention within the fitness industry over the last few decades. With promises of increased strength, fat loss, faster results, and improved muscle recovery, it isn’t hard to understand why. But what exactly is EMS and can science back these wonderful claims?

5 Reasons Why Athletes Should Train with EMS

5 Reasons Why Athletes Should Train with EMS

Olympic champion Usain Bolt, soccer players Karim Benzema and Dani Cavajal and Pro Footballer David Njoku have all used EMS to improve their sporting performance. So, in this post, we’ll take a look into some of the research and data that backs up why top-level athletes should include EMS as part of their training regime.

EMS Training - The Basics

EMS Training – The Basics That You Need to Know

To get the full benefit from EMS, it’s essential to know some EMS training basics, such as bodyweight training, training with weights, EMS training for beginners and advanced athletes and how long and often we should train for.

6 Simple Steps To Using EMS Suit

6 Simple Steps to Using an EMS Suit

So, you know a bit about EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and its benefits, you’re excited to give it a go but you’re still wondering how to actually use it…Then you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re going to answer 6 common questions we get asked about how to use an EMS suit.

Using EMS to Build Muscle

Can We Use EMS to Build Muscle (and get stronger!)?

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) builds muscles by creating longer and more intense muscle contractions, by activating all of the fibers in our muscles, and by making it easier to keep ramping up the intensity of our workouts.

6 Benefits of EMS

6 Benefits of Using EMS

The benefits of using EMS include improved strength and blood flow, helping to speed up recovery from injury or surgery. It also gives you more flexibility and convenience with your exercising, you can get a more intense workout in a shorter time, and you can use it anytime, anywhere.


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