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Meet your trainers

Rocco DiStefano

As the son of a former professional bodybuilder, it was only natural for Rocco to follow in his father’s footsteps, enter the world of fitness, and build a career as a Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and Nutrition Coach.


Rojin Zamanian

Personal EMS trainer Rojin has been developing custom workouts in Los Angeles for the past 8 years . She has dedicated to understanding the most effective way to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat through training and nutrition. She provides clients with positive, energetic and fast paced EMS sessions.


Anna Jimenez

Anna have a degree in physical education, she loves teaching Zumba, currently a dance fitness instructor Specializing in cardiovascular exercise, where there is a mixture of dance and exercise for calorie burning while you are enjoying the rhythm of the music and movements to create a dynamic and effective class .


Paul Pratt

Paul played two seasons for the NFL’s Detroit Lions. He transition into his post-NFL career as a physical trainer, specializing in speed and agility for athletes from youth to adults. Known as “Dr. Speed,” his entrepreneurial spirit led him to forming 2nd Wind Performance in 2015.


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