Results That Fit
Your Schedule

Work smarter, not harder. Triple your results in half the time.

Results That Fit
Your Schedule

Work smarter, not harder. Triple your results in half the time.

EMS Technology
The fitness element of success.

Meet to suit that multitasks just like you. The AWI Powersuit targets multiple muscle groups, allowing you to feel the burn and sweat without letting it take over your day. 

In business we are always striving to make moves, but how often do we get up and move? 

Consistent exercise will help to improve your focus, reduce your stress and raise your energy levels. So Amplify your Fitness and Discover Power with half the time and triple the results.


Minutes per workout session


Calories burned on average


Major muscle groups activated

Improve yourself.
improve your business.

Investing in your body has a ripple effect on the rest of your life, including long-term productivity benefits, raised energy levels and improved focus, memory and coordination.

Don’t let stress slow you down. Exercise is the number one way to combat stress and cholesterol levels while simultaneously refueling you with energy. In order to continuously strive for success, you have to be on your A-game physically, emotionally and mentally.

For all levels of experience

Whether you are an entrepreneur who works 48 hours a day, or a pro athlete; our Powersuit is fit for all who need to kick their health and fitness into gear. The wireless EMS technology is easy to set up and use for any type of workout, whether you’re on the tracks or on a yoga mat in the office during lunch break.

sculpt your body

Our body-sculpting technology finally gives you the chance to achieve that fit and toned physique we all dream of. 

The EMS Powersuit allows you to recruit additional muscle fibers during exercise, delivering a more efficient workout in less time. With only 20 minutes per session a few times a week, you’ll see results you would’ve spent hours in the gym for.

Get ready to slim down and tone up!

Success starts with self-care

Success, like fitness, is a reward for effort. Both require time and training to be better and  faster. But with the AWI Powersuit you can find time in your busy schedule to get the full-body workout you need in half the time.

I travel a lot, all the time. I feel all my body so tire but after I wear this AWI suit, when I workout or I go jogging I feel much better, much stronger, and much healthier.

Harrison Oh, Global Network Solution

Like many of you guys I hate going to the gym. I don't have time for it and when I actually do go to the gym, it's not a place for me. But having the suit, in literally 20 minutes I worked out every part of my body intensely.

Semhar Fessehatsion, Business Development Executive

I am a busy professional like most people. What I find amazing about the AWI suit is that it's taking my health and fitness to the next level.

Eugene Harring, Financial Analyst


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