The AWI-7 Professional system is designed for commercial applications, such as gym and fitness studios, in a group setting with a qualified trainer in charge of the exercise parameters, all controlled by a dedicated app on a Samsung tablet.

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A single AWI-7 Pro System comprises one tablet plus 5 commercial suits (vests/pants) with energy boxes plus 5 sets of undergarments. One dedicated tablet can control up to 5 commercial Powersuits at one time. This reusable suit also utilizes special undergarments to facilitate the EMS pulse whilst maintaining a hygienic environment for the wearer, allowing for speedy changes between sessions. The system also comes with abdomen compression belts to ensure snug fit for all wearers, regardless of their shape.

Each user wears individual, hygienic, and specially designed undergarments, to allow quick transition between users and classes of the EMS vests and outerwear. This rugged, professional use system is designed to be a workhorse for your gym or studio, working throughout the day, seven days a week, generating revenues for your business.


  • Wireless range up to 400m by the BT4.2 and it is one-to-many control.
  • The vest is made of a highly durable neoprene, designed to fit comfortably for any fitness professional with high intensity training; Antibacterial, lightweight and durable, its electrodes can be freely moved to target specific areas during training.
  • The electrodes are comprised of polymer water storage composite, polymer silver ion composite and neoprene elastic polymer composite.
  • Innovative ramp up system perfectly simulates how human muscles contract.
  • Professional app on the Tablet controller allows the trainer to manage the EMS devices in the background, including the use time, etc.
  • 6 modes —fat burn65HZ350us0.4S ramp up),strength85HZ350us)cardio(7HZ, 350us),relaxation100HZ150us),professional85HZ350us4S ramp up4Sramp down),VIP (For individual customization of training parameters)
  • Frequency range: 1-120Hzpulse width50-400us
  • Cleaning/sterilization: the vests and electrodes may be swabbed with isopropyl alcohol between sessions/users and the special undergarments washed in a machine on a cool wash

Typical scenarios where this system would be used: gyms, dance studios, EMS studios, Yoga studios, beauty salons, rehabilitation centers.