Who wouldn’t want a firm, uplifted booty? Wear the Power Pant as you would yoga pants but get an active workout wherever and whenever you wish – out shopping or walking in the mall, at the park or beach, everywhere. Think of this as ‘active yoga pants’. You look good while wearing them and they fit snug on your legs and bottom, and the discreet EMS technology is working to give you that firm, toned look, with special dry electrodes strategically placed on the glutes (bottom) and legs. 


Team the Power Pant with the Power Tee for the perfect ‘activewear’ combination.  The Power Tee and Power Pant are separates comprising a wireless EMS physiotherapy top and a wireless physiotherapy pant, with dry electrodes targeting waist, shoulders and abs in the top and quads, hamstrings and glutes in the pant.

Each has its own individual, discreet energy box power supply, controlled by the app on your phone. In fact, both top and bottoms are so discreet, people will not realize you are having a workout as you go about your daily routine!

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