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The AWI POWERSUIT is a next-generation fitness and wellness innovation for improving circulation, increasing muscle density, reducing body fat, and enhancing well-being.

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The V2 Powersuit creates a whole new product category or class of product – the PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL product.  It brings all of the very best features and qualities of the finest professional EMS products and delivers them in a discreet home use portable product. The V2 Professional Personal Powersuit has the capability of controlling 8 channels and ten different muscle groups individually with more parameters to give more fine tuning with the VIP setting, not available in the V1 model. The V2 can also be used in group training, controlled by the professional app and trainer. 

Whatever your fitness goals, AWI has a product to suit. The AWI V2 Powersuit is perfect for those serious about their fitness or who are athletes wishing to get the edge and super charge their performance. Because it may also be used with the professional group training app it is also suitable for athletes working with their coaches. And just like the V1 Powersuit it’s also great and who need to work out at home or can’t get to a gym or who are just plain busy.  Key features: 20 special ‘dry’ electrodes activate 10 major muscle groups; powered from an 8 channel energy box controlled by the AWIFIT app on your phone; with 4 presets and both Pro and VIP training modes, it is infinitely customizable; suitable for beginner and EMS expert alike.

Session after session, the top quality materials and technology will deliver time and time again, even if washed after each use as the wiring is non-oxidising (won’t rust and non-flammable). It’s made of 100% 4-way stretch spandex and always returns to its original shape with no loss of performance. It is the state of the art in EMS wearables.


  • 4-way stretch Spandex returns to original shape after wear and after washing.
  • Special dry electrode technology means they never need wetting
  • Unique pulse technology stimulates 20 muscle groups through eight independent channels, : arms (biceps/triceps), chest, shoulders, back, abdomen, waist, glutes, legs (quads/hamstrings)
  • Innovative ramp up system perfectly simulates how human muscles contract.
  • 6 modes —fat burn65HZ350us0.4S ramp up),strength85HZ350us)cardio(7HZ, 350us),relaxation100HZ150us),professional85HZ350us4S ramp up4Sramp down),VIP (For individual customization of training parameters)
  • Frequency range: 1-120Hzpulse width50-400us
  • Care instructions: Hand wash or machine wash cool (use a lingerie bag if you have one). Do not use fabric softener. Do not turn inside out. Do not tumble dry (line dry only)

Hygienic Spandex

Batter Life

8.5 Hours

Wave Pattern


# of Electro Pads


Electro Pad Material

Silicone Carbon

What's in The Box

AWI Powersuit, Resealable Pouch, Energy Box, USB-C Charging Cable, User Manual


  1. Rita Colunga

    This is an amazing device and I’m so happy that I made the purchase. I had been looking for an easy way to stay in shape during quarantine. The powersuit exceeded my expectations. Very happy with the purchase!

  2. Paul Smith

    Perfect! The products are identical to the pictures, it works very well, there are several existing modes and different intensities. It was delivered in about 3 weeks.

  3. Clarence M

    works very well multiple programs make it a great buy

  4. Mike Orise

    This suit changed my life . I was always curious about this technology so I decided to take the plunge. My dad bod has started to be reshaped back into the body I remember I’m college! Being able to wear this suit while doing my normal work out routine has made a visible difference in just a few short weeks. My energy and confidence are through the roof thanks to AWI!

  5. Eric Eberhart (verified owner)

    First off, the Awi Fit customer service is the best I have ever come across! I received immediate responses to my questions both before and after my purchase. The suit comes in a very study carrying case. The suit is easy to put on and fits me perfectly. The app is simple to use and the settings can be easily adjusted. The EMS system stimulates muscles. I am very surprised at how sore I was the next day after the first time wearing the suit. My body got an amazing workout. This product is perfect for someone that wants to workout but either has little time, or has been affected by injuries with compromised range of motion issues.

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