AWI Powersuit

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The AWI POWERSUIT is a next-generation fitness and wellness innovation for improving circulation, increasing muscle density, reducing body fat, and enhancing well-being.

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Slip into your AWI EMS suit and experience the powerful connectivity and the stimulation it can give your muscles.

With electrodes that amplify the development and strength of the fibers in the ten different muscle groups, this suit has the power to amplify every exercise and movement you do.

The stimulation of the electrodes is so intense that we recommend beginners start as low as 15-20% intensity and slowly build their way up as they become more accustomed to the power of the electrodes.

The ability to adjust the intensity of the workout is just one of the ways that this suit takes your performance to the next level.

With the AWI suit, you will:

  • Experience incredible weight loss as your body reaches the aerobic threshold much sooner. This enhanced ability makes it easier to burn more calories over the course of the same workouts you did before. In return, you lose weight even faster.
  • Boost your performance beyond what you thought possible. As your muscles grow stronger, you will also get faster, more powerful, and improve your endurance in any sport. Get your performance to the next level.
  • Build your muscles’ strength and density. With the electrodes directly stimulating your muscles, you will see how quickly they are able to reach new heights.
  • Recover faster from your workouts. Since you can achieve the same muscle stimulation in less time, you are able to achieve results without weight training or exercises that hurt your joints. Let your body recover faster from given workouts and experience the power of the AWI EMS suit.
  • See your body become slimmer and more toned. As you build your strength and power, your muscles will become more defined. Meanwhile, you also begin to drop body fat with the burst in calorie burning, sculpting your body into the figure you have wanted but struggled to obtain.
  • Achieve results while also protecting your joints and spine. This suit makes it easy to exercise in a senior-friendly way without sacrificing the power of a quality workout.

The results you achieve with our suit is unmatched by competitors. We offer a suit that outpaces the competitors in all major categories including:

  • Effectiveness
  • Durability in the fabric and stitching
  • The ease of use
  • The quality of the parts that make up the suit.

When you compare the suits, it is easy to see why our AWI easily offers a superior experience.


Hygienic Spandex

Batter Life

8.5 Hours

Wave Pattern


# of Electro Pads


Electro Pad Material

Silicone Carbon

What's in The Box

AWI Powersuit, Resealable Pouch, Energy Box, USB-C Charging Cable, User Manual

4 reviews for AWI Powersuit

  1. Rita Colunga

    This is an amazing device and I’m so happy that I made the purchase. I had been looking for an easy way to stay in shape during quarantine. The powersuit exceeded my expectations. Very happy with the purchase!

  2. Paul Smith

    Perfect! The products are identical to the pictures, it works very well, there are several existing modes and different intensities. It was delivered in about 3 weeks.

  3. Clarence M

    works very well multiple programs make it a great buy

  4. Mike Orise

    This suit changed my life . I was always curious about this technology so I decided to take the plunge. My dad bod has started to be reshaped back into the body I remember I’m college! Being able to wear this suit while doing my normal work out routine has made a visible difference in just a few short weeks. My energy and confidence are through the roof thanks to AWI!

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