At AWI we cater to all needs and pockets wishing to benefit from the power of EMS and offer two versions of our famous Powersuit – one for beginners or those new to EMS and one for experts or professional athletes and trainers. Both deliver a full body wireless EMS experience.

*Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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The V1 Powersuit is for those just starting their fitness journey who want to experience the benefits and see results of EMS but are not ready for the full professional EMS experience. Perfect for the busy professional or home-maker looing to slim down and tone up and who needs a little help on their fitness and wellness journey.

The primary difference between the two models is the customizability of the EMS channels and electrodes. The V1 has a 4 channel control activating electrodes on the following muscle groups: 1.Arms 2.Chest & abdomen 3.Back & waist 4. Glutes & legs whereas the V2 or Professional suit has the capability of controlling 8 channels and ten different muscle groups individually with more parameters to give more fine tuning with the VIP setting. The V2 can also be used in group training, controlled by the professional app and trainer.

  • App can be installed on both android and iOS phones
  • Bluetooth range up to 400m by the BT4.2 with one to one control.
  • The ems suit is made of special dry electrode materials by the exclusive technology so it doesn’t need water.
  • Using the unique pulse technology, EMS machine stimulates the human body’s major muscle groups using 4 independent channels: 1. Arms 2. Chest & abdomen 3. Back & waist 4.  Glutes & legs
  • Innovative ramp up system is a perfect simulation of human muscle contraction habits. It is a more effective
  • 5 modes – fat burn65HZ350us0.4S ramp up)strength85HZ350us)cardio 7 HZ350us)relaxation100HZ150us)professional85HZ, 350us4S ramp up, 4S ramp down)
  • Frequency range1-120Hzpulse width50-400us
  • Care instructions: Hand wash or machine wash cool (use a lingerie bag if you have one). Do not use fabric softener. Do not turn inside out. Do not tumble dry (line dry only)

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