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Hi My name is Nigel, aged 61. Like many people I over-indulged in the fridge treats during the recent lockdowns and gained a lot of weight. I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to exercise. I'm usually too lazy to workout alone unless I have a training partner to push me, but after my very first use of my AWI Powersuit it motivated me to want to trim down and get back into shape. The EMS stimulation acted like a training partner to make me want to do more. The last 2 months, combining EMS training with my Powersuit with regular exercise I have not only lost fat but gained muscle, changing my shape and making me healthier than I have been in the last ten years. Instead of the usual dad-bod round shape, I am getting back my athletic V Shape, which is also a sign of increased testosterone in my body. Now I feel strong and vibrant again and want to keep making improvements. Watch this space for the next update.
Nigel Allan, 61, Los Angeles, CA
I tried different diets and exercise regimes - paleo, keto, vegan, cardio, weights, HIIT etc - yet those last 10-12 lbs weren't shifting. Working as a model and actress I can't afford to be even 5 lbs overweight since the camera makes us look even bigger, right? Then I read about EMS and thought a new approach might magically change my body...and was I pleasantly surprised? Absolutely. Just using the suit for around 12 weeks and doing my normal routine - walking, jogging and eating sensibly - I lost inches all over and 10 lbs of bodyfat. I now wear the suit every other day whether I am exercising or not. I'm hooked.
Liz Miller, 27, Oceanside, CA
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