The Amazing Friendship Run with Stan Cottrell

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“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”

Lao Tzu

A tried and true statement made by ancient Chinese philosopher. While it might often seem cliché, this simple phrase has resonated for centuries.

Stan Cottrell graduated with a BS Degree in Biology, Psychology, Health, and Sociology. He went on to earn an MS degree in Community Health Administration. He is a well-organized, award-winning ultra-distance Runner, Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and a Guinness Record Holder who has run enough miles to almost circumnavigate the Earth ten times.

Stan holds a Guinness Record Holder for his 1980 Trans-America Run of 3,103 miles in 48 days, 1 hour and 48 minutes ending on July 3, 1980. Stan’s passion for running has been his driving force to not just run across the countries but to foster friendship among countries, camaraderie despite their differences. As such, he initiated the Friendship Run with China.

Stan Cottrell Running With AWI Powersuit
Stan Cottrell Running With AWI Powersuit – Los Angeles, California

Stan believes that building international friendship and connections, helps the welfare of everyone, preserves culture, and immerses new friends and travelers in the previously unknown.  He seeks to connect countries with different tongues and cultures by running and spreading the message of friendship and unity. He has run through different hills, mountains, and valleys interacting with different cultures and nationalities along the way. He has even been granted permission to see places few visitors get to experience.

He runs for causes helping to raise funds for charities and awareness among people. He often runs for orphans and the welfare of endangered children. He has also run along the Great Wall of China many times and run around the world under the “Great Global Friendship Run.” So it should come as no surprise that most of his races are known as “Friendship Runs.”

He has always been zealous about running to transcend barriers and find common good and foster friendships between countries. Today, even in his advanced years, Stan still possesses his same passion and vigor. He is a firm believer in the latest running and fitness gear, and health and wellness innovations that integrate EMS technology, like the AWI POWERSUIT.

Josh Culbreath and Stan Cottrell
Josh Culbreath and Stan Cottrell – Berlin, 1980

According to him, “EMS technology has taken the world by storm…” The benefits of EMS technology to humans as they workout or run is enormous. During an EMS training session, up to 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously. Research has shown that EMS is more effective than conventional weight training. It targets specific muscle groups to activate proper functioning improves blood circulation, promotes weight loss, reduces body fat, and improves skin condition resulting in optimum health.

AWI POWERSUIT is very time-efficient. Only needs 20 minutes of training equates to a 3-hour gym training or running session. AWI POWERSUIT will enhance your workout and promote a user’s well-being, improving health, helping to maintain an active lifestyle, and enhances quality of life.

In 2020, AWI Powersuit is proud to partner with Stan Cottrell and be part of launching a new FRIENDSHIP RUN, which seeks to foster friendship and quality of life.

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